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My name is Uttam Kumar Sarker and I am a Local SEO expert in Bangladesh. I am honored that you are spending your valuable time reading about me. I have been in this SEO field for a very long time. My journey started in the year 2010. After finishing my studies, I worked for a local company as an executive. But in my heart, I always wanted to be a freelancer. And at that time there were very few successful freelancers. I want to share a story of my life on how my career as a freelancer begun and how I became a success today.

Ever since I have started my journey as an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I have always wanted to share my knowledge with others out there who also, wants to be a SEO expert in Bangladesh as well. After being successful in the field of SEO I was hired from a renowned company in Bangladesh called BITM to be a Practical SEO trainer. And thus my journey as a SEO trainer began where I was able to share the process of how to do SEO and become successful. If you too want to become a successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh, feel free to contact me to get the training.

The reason I am able to call myself a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh today is because of the success that I have got from completing the number of projects from clients successfully. It is not at all easy to complete a project single-handedly which, I have done for the countless number of times. The experience that I gathered over the years has helped become a SEO expert in Bangladesh. I know have the complete solution for your online marketing that will help you rank in Google’s first page. Contact me today to get the best service for your website.

Why am I the best choice?

I am a successful SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Not only do I do SEO projects, but I am now also a Practical SEO Trainer in Bangladesh in the same institute I learned SEO from, BITM. I have been teaching there for many years now. I have completed many batches of e as a Practical SEO Trainer in Bangladesh. As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I love to share my knowledge with others so that they can obtain the authentic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization from me and can become successful like me. The only reason I love to be a trainer is because of the confidence that I got while working as an SEO expert in BD. All the projects that I have completed over the years have helped me gather this experience and have boosted my confidence to a whole new level. Based on this high experience and confidence I am able to complete any SEO project with full success.

What Client’s Says About Uttam Kumar

Mr. Uttam Kumar is a true SEO Expert in Bangladesh. He has helped me with my business. His online marketing strategies have benefited my business and helped my website to rank in Google First Page. I will always like to provide him with more projects.

Khaza Tarek

Folk Power Tech

Working with Uttam Kumar was a delight. He is an elite SEO Expert I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Being a client to him it was a true satisfaction for me to have my business website rank in Google which has benefited my business. Definitely gonna work with him again. Cheers!

DR. Md. Shakhawat Hossain

Amar Home BD

Of all the SEO experts in USA I have worked with, Uttam Kumar is a kind of SEO Expert who can assure you nothing but success. I have the greatest of benefits from my business working with him. I recommend other businesses whoever is looking to expand and be benefited from their business, this is the guy!

Cynthia D. Thomas

Apps To Soft

My Achievements

No of Batches

As I mentioned earlier that I am a Practical SEO trainer in Bangladesh in a renowned organization in Bangladesh called BITM. I have been providing SEO training in Bangladesh at BITM for the past 2 and half years. I have successfully completed over 50 batches. These are no regular one hour lecture based classes. The batches I completed were completely under the Government project of SEIP. Each class was a marathon class of 4 hours that was composed of both lectures and practical so that the trainees get the opportunity to get live practical skills so that they can implement the right techniques on the clients website successfully. This will help them be a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh. 

No of Students

Each of the batches that I completed on the course of Practical SEO consisted of 30 students. Therefore, I can successfully say that I have completed the training of 1500+ students. To be more precise, I have successfully created over 1500 new wings and resources, who are unique in their own way. Most of my students have now become a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh. I know I have been a successful SEO trainer in Bangladesh when I get the positive feedbacks from my students after they themselves become successful in getting orders or clients. A success for each of my student means a win for me as a trainer. I have also helped many students who were struggling to get a job after completion of their SEO training in Bangladesh under me by providing them with jobs at different companies. 

No of Projects

My success as a SEO expert in Bangladesh doesn’t not only stop at training. The thing that gave me the confidence to be a SEO trainer in Bangladesh was the project of clients. Once I started getting orders and projects from both local and international clients, I kept on working for a year or 3 till my skills were sky high. After completing those projects successfully, I have become more confident about becoming a practical SEO trainer in Bangladesh. I have successfully completed over 25 projects both local and international with and without team. It was then I knew that I have become a complete and successful SEO expert in Bangladesh. After that, even now, I have a huge flow of projects coming to me from both local and international clients. Local companies offer me to be their online marketing consultant and help them expand their business with the help of online marketing. 

Student’s Feedback

Dreams come true was actually proven to me when I got my first success in a very short time after completing my SEO course from the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh, Mr. Uttam Kumar Sarker. Thank you sir for showing and guiding me to the path of success with my first local project. 

After completing my SEO course under Uttam Kumar Sir, I have become a successful freelancer in the field of SEO. I have got lots of orders from different market places which is now helping me setup my career as a freelancer.

Uttam Kumar sir who is the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh help me with my freelancing career as an SEO expert. After completing the course under him I got a job in and IT firm which I always wanted. I cant thank you enough for your help.

What Says Benefited People About Uttam Kumar

In a country like Bangladesh, where job is scarce, a mentor like Uttam Kumar has helped me get a job in a renowned company. I am currently working here as an “post”. Thank you for helping me with my career sir.

After finishing my studies, I was looking for a job badly. Sadly I wasn’t able to find any job anywhere. Then my friend referred me to Uttam Kumar and after meeting him he took an interview of mine and then referred me to a company. Thanks to him I now have a job.

 I am truly grateful to Mr. Uttam Kumar for helping me get a job in a company. I was really depressed as I wasn’t able to get any job for a long time. I searched in many places and failed. But he really helped me out with my job life. Thanks a lot sir.


BITM Practical SEO Trainer Bangladesh

Practical SEO Trainer in BITM- After completing my course from BITM, I worked by myself for a long time so that I can keep my skills warm by practicing it on client’s website. I completed countless number of projects that needed SEO. Once I had enough experience and confidence, the institute noticed my success I was trained and I was hired as a Practical SEO Trainer to provide SEO training in Bangladesh. I am still working as a trainer in BITM and have completed around 50 batches. I have been providing SEO training for the past two and a half years teaching SEO to at least a thousand interested freelancers across the nation. I love to share my knowledge with others to help them achieve success. Therefore, SEO training is my all-time favourite profession.

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

CEO of Wedaedalus- I have established this company to extend my services in foreign lands. Through my company I will be able to help out those companies that are looking for the services I provide, for example, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Online Marketing Consultancy. Not only these services, Wedaedalus also provides services like QA testing, business advertising and many more that will help your company grow. Success is achieved when you leave a mark in different places around the world. This is what my goal is to become, a successful CEO who has benefited many companies but helping them rise along with their company. Your satisfactions will be the pillar of my success and that’s what I will achieve from this company. Currently, I have worked with a number of foreign companies and planning to extend my wings more.

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