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What Uttam Kumar is All About

I kept on trying but luck just didn’t seem to favour me. Months passed by but there was no sign of work. I knew that I had no other options but to give up, join some other company and work like any other employee, and get a monthly salary. Dreams came crashing down as days passed by with no sign of sunshine over my freelancing career. But, I had that ego in me that wouldn’t let me give up just yet. And so I carried on with the waiting game. And Finally, after 8 months of waiting, the sun finally did shine upon my freelancing career. 

How Uttam Kumar Helps You Get Higher Rankings & More Traffic

I was excited and nervous as well, as it was my first ever order. I kept my calm and applied all the rules of SEO, and after 4 months of non-stop dedication, the project was a success. It is then I learned something very important. There is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard with your full dedication to be successful. And more importantly, you have to be patient. Giving up cannot be an option for you if you choose to become successful. If you fail, then always remember that failure is the pillar of success. After that order, I kept on getting projects from different clients and soon my career started blooming. 

Being a freelancer wasn’t easy for me. The journey towards my success in freelancing had many bumpy roads. It is then when I decided that I would overcome this and create my own smooth road that led me to this success I am now at. I took my training for SEO in a well-known training center called Basis Institute of Technology and Management (BITM). After completing my course, I tried to get my first order from both the local market and international market places.

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