Latest Prize Bond draw result list 100 has been published today

Only Profit Or Your Money is Back

-Yes, you heard right! If you buy a Prize Bond but did not get any prizes, there is nothing to be worries! You will get back the money by returning the Prize Bond. This is how your money is back. Or either you can get the highest prize money about 6, 00,000/- Tk. (6 lakh taka) only by collecting a 100 taka’s Prize Bond!!! But before that, please check your number one more time by searching latest prize bond result draw list 100 in Google.

Now you think what’s a great opportune is missed by you! Don’t lose your time just collect the prize bond and participate in the lottery. Give a chance to yourself for win or get the highest prize money about 6, 00,000/- Tk.

Who can buy a Prize Bond?

Prize Bond Lottery Tickets for all class of people

National Savings department launched prize bond for increasing money saving tendency in the people of all classes. Actually this Prize Bond launched as “Bangladesh Prize Bond” in 1972. Prize bond is also called Lottery Bond. But it is not that type of lottery, which type of lottery the ‘Kriya Unnayan Tahabil’ used to sell on market with the title ” jodi laigga jay”!!! in last 19th century. One person can easily transfer the prize bond into money anytime, transferring & buying both can be done on all the Bangladesh Bank cash office, commercial bank, and also from the Post Office.

So that you can easily buy or sell a Prize Bond in those places. And here is the latest prize bond draw results list. You also check your number

For checking the updated prize bond draw result please visit this link-   latest prize bond lottery draw

As Bangladesh government has given us a big opportunity to utilize our savings in a fruitful way. So that we should buy prize bond from our savings. I am saying this undoubtedly because if we deposit money at home, it will remain the same! But if we buy some prize bond with the money, at least we have the chance to win a prize of 6, 00,000tk (six lakh taka) from prize bond!!! . If you didn’t get any prize, So what? You can easily take back the money from bank or post office. It’s a win win situation, right???

Although you didn’t get the first prize, but still you have changed to win the other 45 prizes and luckily if you win a prize, your money will be increase in twice, triple, or ten times more!

OMG! Twice, triple, or ten times more! But how it is possible?

Now you will question, how the money can be ten times more? Think that, you buy a prize bond worth 100tk, and you are a Prize Bond Lottery draw winner of the lowest amount, yet you are a gainer as you will receive 10,000tk!! Now calculate whether the money increased ten times more or not!

Most safest and reliable Lottery Tickets

Most safety way in the world prize bond lottery

You have risk if you invest on business, but here there is no loss history unless you lost the bond! So, buy prize bond with all your savings and after draw change the bond and withdraw your money. You can also keep the bond for the next draw. So don’t be late, buy your own prize bond today as much as you want and be a WINNER!!

You can also keep your eye on this website, on the next day of draw. Remember, the prize bond lottery draw program has organized four times a year, the dates are: 31th January, 30th April, 31th July & 31th October.

Be Happy, be Healthy.

Thanks for reading this.

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