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Buy Prize Bond from your savings


You have your savings by hard working, but don’t understand where you can use them? Don’t worry; you can open a FDR anytime. Ops! But you cannot open it if you don’t have sufficient money. Having less money is not a problem; there is another idea for it. The better solution is buying Prize Bond!! Prize bond and prize bond lottery draw in Bangladesh is a familiar game to all Bangladeshi people. There is a chance by that you can get the highest prize money only by collecting a 100 taka’s prize bond!!

Prize Bond Lottery Draw in BD


If you have enough money & capable of taking risk, then stoke market is open for you. For this you need only a beneficiary owner account. Buy some share from well recognized & trusted company, than keep waiting until the market value of your share rises. You have some other ways too. you can buy Sanchayapatra, it makes good profit but government don’t sell Sanchayapatra to all.

There is a proverb, don’t keep all eggs in same basket otherwise you will get them all broken. Same thing we should applied for investment. Investment specialist also gives the same advise, keeping this on mind, you can buy prize bond and check your luck!!!

Only profit, No Loss

As there is no loss you can buy a Prize Bond

“Yes”, you are right! If you buy Prize Bond but did not get any prize, no worries! You will get back your all money by returning the prize bond lottery tickets. Or Either you can get highest prize money 6, 00,000/- Tk. (Six lakh taka) from only by a 100 taka’s prize bond lottery ticket!!!

What is Prize Bond ?

To increase money saving tendency, The Department of National Savings launched prize bond named “Bangladesh Prize Bond” in 1972. Prize bond is also called Lottery Bond. Any people can buy a Prize Bondlottery Ticket. This Lottery ticket is not that type of lottery, which type of Lottery the ‘Kriya Unnayan Tahabil’ used to sell on market with the title ” jodi laigga jay”!!! One person can easily transfer the prize bond into money anytime, transferring & buying both can be done on all the Bangladesh Bank cash office, commercial bank, and also from the Post Office.

History of Prize Bond

Prize bond first introduced in Ireland in 1956. But Prize Bond Lottery Draw in Bangladesh, at first introduced as prize bond in 1974 which prize money was 10 & 50 tk/-. After launching the 100 taka worth prize bond, the 10 taka & 50 taka worth prize bond was taken back from the market. The prize bond draw held 4 times in a year: 31st January, 30th April, 31th July & 31th October. A committee  arrange the draw ceremony and the divisional commissioner of Dhaka become the Chairman of the committee. The bond is eligible for a draw after 2 months of buying. one can claim the money within Two years of draw & if no one claim the money against a bond, the money restored to the government treasury.

The reward of Prize Bond

There are 46 series of prize bond and each series contain reward worth 16,25,000 taka (16 lakh 25 thousand taka).

The first prize is: 6,00,000 taka( 6 lakh taka) /each
The second prize is: 3,25,000 taka (3 lakh 25 thousand taka) /each
The third prize is: 1,00,000 taka (1 lakh taka) /twice
The forth prize is: 50,000 taka(50 thousand taka)/twice
The fifth prize is: 10,000 taka ( 10 thousand taka)/ fortieth

How to collect the prize money

if you are a Prize bond Lottery draw winner, then you have to inform the bank  & than the bank will give you a form. After filling up the form, you will get the prize money within 2 months. besides you have to pay 20% tax on your prize money.

Special aims and objectives of Prize Bond

The government have some special aims & objectives on prize bond. One of them is by selling prize bond, the government directly take loan from the mass people. In India & Pakistan, there are 100-40,000 rupi prize bond but in Bangladesh only 100tk prize bond is available from past 20 years. The prize bond draw committy secretary & general manager of Bangladesh bank Masum Patwary said that, “there are 4 crore and 40 lakh prize bond in our country and Bangladesh bank maintain all the activities regarding prize bond on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh .

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