Prize Bond lottery draw result in BD with A Prize Winner Interview

Today I am going to tell you about a smart invest and a real story about a prize winner of prize bond lottery draw result in BD. Everyone wants the Security of her money or savings. Somebody invest it for profit or somebody keep in house as treasure. What is the better way, nobody can fix this. Because, it is actually depends on person to person. Investing comes with a risk. If you invest, you can be profit or loos with your business ups and downs. On the other side if you keep into your home it can be stolen by a thief. But, there is a smart way to invest your money. No risk just profit or you can return your all money that you have invested.

“Yes” I am talking about Prize bond. It’s one kind of Lottery Bond. First of all you have to buy tickets as much you want. After the lottery draw if you wouldn’t get any prizes then you can sale them all with the same price as before you bought it. So there is nothing for losing. And by chance your lucky numbers come out as a lottery draw winner’s then you money will be increase in double, triple or ten times more.

Story of a Prize Bond Winner

Joyonto’s family lives in Dinajpur and his father working as a Teacher. He is very gentle and kind hearted man. One day Joyonto come to know about Prize Bond Lottery in Bangladesh and say to his father to buy him a ticket. But his father denies this. Joyonto took the decision that he must be buy a ticket as there is no loss only profit or money back. He started to save money from his pocket money and some from his mother. 

In a few days Joyonto would manage the money and he bought three prize bond lottery tickets. He often dreams of a better life and always wants to help his father. He believes that someday he hit the prize bond lottery draw and wins the highest prize money.

Joyonto always used to thinking about his lottery and its prize money. And Luckily, God grace to him and he gets a prize from his lottery tickets. The prize giving money was 10,000/- (In word- Ten Thousand) tk. However he was wished for much but Joyonto’s father was very pleased to hear that. And from that time the whole family decided to save their money by buying more lottery tickets. And they are doing this without any doubt as there is no lose after all…

Symbolic Image of Prize Bond Lottery Draw Winner

So, what are you thinking now? Do you want to participate on this game?
If your answer is “yes” then please visit the others page about Prize Bond and collect more information.

Interview of Mr. Jayanta

A Telephone conversation with ‘Mr. Jojonto’ who is Prize Bond lottery draw result in bd winner…


Writer: Jayanta, its Uttam.

Jayanta: ow, hello Uttam, how are you?

Writer: i am fine, what about you?

Jayanta: i am well. Where are you?

Writer: you are asking this question, after calling?? That’s funny!

Jayanta: yes, sort of that!

Writer: where are you now?

Jayanta: i am in Dinajpur now.

Writer: ok, i want some information from you. You buy prize bond from long ago, right?

Jayanta: yes, we buy prize bond sometimes.

Writer: how many times you win prize?

Jayanta: we win a prize once.

Writer: ok, just once! How much money did you get?

Jayanta: we won a 10,000 tk prize from 100tk prize bond.

Writer: ok,fine. Did you get all the prize money?

Jayanta: no, we had to pay 20% as tax.

Writer: that means you have received around 8,000tk??

Jayanta: yes. But however we were happy that we win that prize!

Writer: you are correct my brother, winning matters, not the money!

Did you withdraw the prize money from the bank directly?

Jayanta: yes, i went to the bank after winning the lottery bond, than the bank official gives me a form; i just fill up the form and submit it. I have addressed the general manager respective branch in the Bangladesh Bank. After some days the bank notifies me that the prize money is ready to receive.

Writer: Is there another way to get the money of Prize Bond?

Jayanta: yes, only Prize Bond lottery draw result in bd winner can withdraw the money from nearest post office also.

Writer: what is the valid time period, to claim a prize after a draw?

Jayanta: 2 years after the draw.

Writer: thanks for this useful information. By the way, did any newspaper publish the winner’s photo, or interview them?

Jayanta: no, this was before, not now. Everyone is concern about their safety,that’s why..

Writer: that’s true, everybody is conscious about their safety.  did you find someone else who win the prize?

Jayanta: no, i didn’t meet anyone who win prize bond prize. as i say that everyone is concerned about safety, that’s why they do not say anything about the prize. they only collect the money silently and goes away.

Writer: ok, thanks a lot Jayanta. You have given me lots of information about prize bond prize.  Our phone conversation has been recorded.

Jayanta: ok, no problem. It’s my pleasure.

Here is the Audio conversion with Mr. Joyonto-

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